Sequoia Capital LLP

Hammersmith, London

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Options Market-Making

Sequoia Capital is a private fund applying research and technology to the global derivatives markets as part of a low-risk, high-volume hedged trading strategy. Our core operations are based around teams of options market makers specialising in exchange-traded financial options. Using our experience and systems, we take advantage of minute mis-pricings in the markets to enter and manage large positions turning risk into profit.


Our ethos is grounded in the belief that by using our experience and integrity, coupled with cutting-edge technology to provide liquidity and fair prices to the options markets, we can continue to build on our excellent reputation and aspire ever-upwards.


Our team of experienced traders are all experts in the fields of trading and risk management. Each day we put our reputation on the line by assuming the unwanted market risk of our counterparties. We use sophisticated technology to apply complex mathematical models in analysing risk.


Sequoia Capital LLP
Ground Floor, Lincoln House
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